Incorrect Storage and/or Injection Technique

Ask the client to come into your practice with their diabetic pet.

Discuss the daily routine - are injections and meals correctly timed? Read more on Feeding Diabetic Dogs and Feeding Diabetic Cats.

Ask for a breakdown of exactly what the pet eats. See Nutrition.

Ask owners to demonstrate how they inject their pet and check the following:

  • Is the correct dose being drawn into the syringe?
  • If air is present in the syringe after the insulin is drawn up, is it being removed?
  • Is the VetPen® being used correctly?
  • Is the insulin cartridge inserted into the pen properly?
  • Is the pen being primed correctly?
  • Is the needle blocked?
  • Is the insulin being injected subcutaneously?

See storage of Caninsulin.