Partial Blood Glucose Curves

An alternative to a serial blood glucose curve is a partial blood glucose curve.

A limited number of blood samples at different times during the day.

The first blood sample is usually taken first thing in the morning prior to the insulin injection. The second blood sample is usually taken to coincide with the expected blood glucose nadir; between 6 and 10 hours later in dogs and 3 - 6 hours later in cats. If the animal is injected twice a day, blood sampling should be done before each meal.

It is usually impossible to differentiate the Somogyi effect from rapid metabolism or insulin resistance using only a few blood samples. For this a serial glucose curve usually has to be made.

If slight hypoglycaemia or hyperglycaemia is detected but all other parameters suggest improvement and do not suggest instability (urine, appetite, water uptake, general condition), the dose rate likely does not require adjustment. To be certain the tests can be repeated the next day. If the results confirm that there is reason for concern a serial blood glucose curve should be made before the insulin dose is adjusted.

Partial Blood Glucose Curves