Tools &

Helping Pet Owners to Manage Canine Diabetes

Pet Diabetes Tracker
Mobile App

The Pet Diabetes Tracker App enables you to better track and care for your dog’s diabetes. Record everything from food & water consumption to blood glucose curves. Create reminders and alerts for all your pet diabetes needs.

Blood Glucose
Curve Generator

The glucose curve helps determine insulin effectiveness, among other things. Easily create and save your dog’s blood glucose curve, for monitoring and veterinary care, with this online tool.

Downloads &
Dog Owner Materials

Learn more about dog diabetes, including diagnosis, treatment and care, and Caninsulin® guides for giving insulin and progress-tracking.

“I’m pretty lucky to have Sugar to
share information about
managing my diabetes.”


“It’s not just me, Spike. My pet
owner and vet have been great at
monitoring my care together.”


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to learn more about pet diabetes, and how cats and dogs can lead a happy,
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